Movement Practice offers unique physical conditioning classes that provide students with strong foundations of physical, mental and emotional awareness.

Movement Practice is inspired by alternative movement methods and based on three pillars:

PLAY involves task and games based exercises. Enjoy your natural ability to move and play like a child.

DYNAMICS involves effort and uncertainty which develops adaptive skills and a holistically functioning body and mind. Gain strength, mobility, speed, coordination and flexibility.

CURIOSITY encourages an open mind, connection with others and personal reflection.  This pillar involves training movement sequences while staying open to the possibilities within them.

Here’s a taste of what we get up…

Movement Practice is for you if…

You’ve got a busy mind and feel disconnected from your body.

You are experiencing a creative block.

You don’t like commercial physical training environments or methods.

You are interested in personal development.

You enjoy music, laughing and being a little bit silly OR you want more of this in your life.

Our mission is to EMPOWER YOU PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY AND EMOTIONALLY through an alternative movement practice.

You can read about the benefits of Movement Practice here…