Careful what you wish for…

Dear Mover,

What do you want?  Seriously, take a moment and reflect on the question:

“What do I want?”

What do you dream of for yourself?  What can you envision clearly in your imagination?  Those kinds of imaginative moments when you really see and feel yourself in the desired scenario, setting, happening.  When they are clear as crystal, vivid and technicoloured.

Perhaps you recognise this prompt as a clichéd manifestation tool.  I believe “The Secret” asks this of us – to imagine and to really feel it.  Like it already exists.  Cliché or not, my sense is that anything we can imagine, we can create.

I’m basing this off personal experience of course, otherwise I wouldn’t be plonking this shpeel in your inbox!

At a time in history where everything is at our fingertips, literally, it often feels like the instant access to information should also translate into instant real-time manifestation and therefore, quick gratification.  I don’t know about you, but sometimes I’m clouded with this delusion and get frustrated watching everyone’s highlight reels and am left wondering why my highlight reel is taking so damn long to compile!  It’s a façade of course.  We know this.

The truth is, if you dream your dream, chip away slowly at living your vision, learn to adapt whenever necessary and stay true to your values, always…  The truth is, that if you take a step back from all the filtered highlight reels, you’ll notice that you’re a little bit closer to living your dream than you thought.  And it’s beautiful.  It’s beautiful when you realise this.

It might have been a f*cking rough ride to get to where you are.  Maybe not, maybe it’s been smooth sailing and you’re right on track.  I’m not sure if it’s ever really smooth sailing though?  Challenges and plot twists are there for reasons – to show us more about ourselves.  To test if we REALLY want it.  To deepen our understanding of ourselves, others and the world.  These things give us insight into how we move through life.  How we respond, react and contribute.  I’m not shy to acknowledge that I’ve had a pretty easy ride this lifetime.  The more challenges I face, the more I realise how easy I’ve had it, the more grateful I am for the ease of it all.  That was a bit of a side note, but it felt necessary to state.  Let’s get back on course…

The crux of it all is that what you wish for, what you dream of, what you most deeply desire for yourself in this life is already yours.  It’s unfolding in the most beautiful and subtle ways.  It’s weaving itself into reality while you sleep, while you go through the mundane acts of trying to stay alive and while you pray, commune, meditate, serve and contribute.  It’s happening.

So, perhaps take a moment to reflect on where you’re at.  What has transpired?  What has manifested?  What can you feel threading itself into being?  What are you dreaming up still?

Love to you from a rainy and cool Cape Town.

All my Love,

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