Facilitating with passion and integrity, Movement Practice offers unique physical conditioning classes that provide students with strong foundations of physical, mental and emotional awareness.

Movement Practice is inspired by multiple movement methods and based on three pillars:

PLAY involves task and games based exercises for the pure enjoyment of it.  We get to enjoy our natural ability to move and play like children!

DYNAMICS involve a little more effort and unpredictability which develops adaptive skills and holistic physical conditioning. We’re talking Superhuman-in-the-making stuff!

CURIOSITY nurtures open-mindedness, connection with others and personal growth.  This pillar involves investigating basic movement patterns and pathways… sequences if you like.  We explore the unknown and uncertain, because well, that’s life hey?

Here’s a taste of what we get up to in our adult classes…

We work with adults & youth:

Adults who have an interest in varied movement disciplines and personal growth gravitate towards our approach to physical activity.

Youth between Grades 8 & 12 who enjoy music, dance and other disciplines like martial arts and gymnastics love our fun and fresh classes.

Our mission is to contribute to the positive development, transformation and humanitarian spirit of our students.

You can read about the benefits of Movement Practice here…



BASICS CLASSES:  16 & 23 April 2019

In these Basics Classes we’ll cover:

  • Primary Movement Practice skills and technique.
  • Discovering dynamic physical conditioning tools.
  • Learning a simple movement phrase.
  • When:  Tuesday’s – 6pm – 7:30pm (1hr30min class)
  • Where:  ReUnion Yoga, 29 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock, Cape Town
  • Dates: 16 and 23 April
  • Investment: *R250 for x2 classes / *R150 for x1 class / R80 Trial (new students only)
  • *Valid for above dates only


  1. Intro to Movement Practice Workshop – 27 April 2019
  2. A Day of Movement Practice – 11 May 2019
  3. Intro to Movement Practice Workshop – 25 May 2019

Email info@movementpractice.co.za to set up workshops at your school, academy or studio.


Alternative Movement Classes for practiced/professional dancers/movers


Extracurricular classes for youth, Grades 8 – 12.

Email info@movementpractice.co.za to set up youth classes at your school, academy or studio.

Benefits of practicing regularly:

  1. Improves strength, flexibility, mobility and general fitness.
  2. Improves co-ordination, proprioception and balance.
  3. Understanding how to feel, move, direct and re-direct energy.
  4. Brings awareness to quality of breathing.
  5. Pro Body-positivity.
  6. Increases ability to focus.
  7. Encourages problem solving and creative thinking.
  8. Develops leadership skills and collaborative thinking/team building.
  9. Shifts mindset and opens the student up to new perspectives.
  10. Generates greater awareness of self, others, environment and life as a whole.

…and many more!


Please get in touch with any queries.  We are open to collaborations and events.

Contact Leilah, to set up regular classes, workshops and/or intensives at your school, studio or academy:


+27 082 691 3438

Starting 26 February 2019, our home-base for adult group & private classes will be ReUnion Yoga & Meditation!

29 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock, Cape Town